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Software Patents – Innovation is Usually in the Details

The importance of detail in software patent applications (and practically speaking other categories) cannot be understated. The above video discusses some issues around detail in a patent application. A call to the office often starts with “Can I get a patent on a blockchain/IoT/cryptocurrency/dating app”? This is too little detail for any meaningful assessment. Some […]


The Possible Impact of Alice v. CLS Bank on Chemical Inventions

Below are excerpts of slides from my presentation at an American Chemical Society meeting where I mention the possible impact of the recent Alice v. CLS Bank Supreme Court decision on chemical inventions. 1. What Can Be Patented? 35 U.S.C. 101 – Whoever invents or discovers any new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition […]


United States Supreme Court Ruling in Alice v. CLS Bank – Software is Still Patentable

Recently, the United States Supreme Court decision in Alice v. CLS Bank ruling impacted the scope of software patents. Some opined that software was no longer patentable. The United States Patent & Trademark Office even withdrew notices of allowance for some of patent applications due to the presence of at least one claim having an […]


Post Bilski Commentary For Software Startups

By now you’ve probably read about the “Bilski” decision recently released by the Supreme Court. Most of the coverage has been more focused on the policy aspects of the decision. This post focuses on where a software startup stands from a patent prosecution perspective in light of the decision. Stepping back for a moment, I’d […]