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3 Key Terms of a Software License

If your company has developed software, it should create a software license prior to distribution of that software. A software license is the key instrument that defines the rights in ownership, usage, and distribution of software between the company and user(s). Developers seek to protect rights in the product developed with their time, money, and […]


Myths Regarding Integrating Internet Data Into Applications

Lookin’ for information on a chemical, well there’s a database for that. Looking for barcode information, well there’s a database for that. Lookin’ for a local restaurant, … you get the point. There is a lot of useful published data available on the internet in a convenient format. And there are lot of potential applications […]


3 Key Terms in a Copyright License

Licensing is one method of commercializing copyrighted material. A license is an agreement which permits another (“the licensee”) to use the intellectual property of the owner (“the licensor”) in a certain manner, typically to sell products based on the intellectual property. A license can be a lengthy document with many options to negotiate, but three […]