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Advantages of a UDRP Domain Name Proceeding

Trademark and Domain Names A business can spend a lot of time, capital, energy in building rights in a trademark and the associated goodwill with the public. It can be devastating when a third party registers a domain name and operates a website incorporating a confusingly similar name to that of the valuable trademark. The […]


3 Key Terms of a Software License

If your company has developed software, it should create a software license prior to distribution of that software. A software license is the key instrument that defines the rights in ownership, usage, and distribution of software between the company and user(s). Developers seek to protect rights in the product developed with their time, money, and […]


Website Terms of Service and Privacy Policies – More Than Law

Some companies simply copy and paste the terms of service and privacy policies. This can be a costly mistake. The terms of service (“TOS”) and privacy policies (“PP”) should reflect the combination of legal, business, marketing, and ethical concerns of the company. Facebook has received a lot of criticism of its privacy policies over the […]


Myths Regarding Integrating Internet Data Into Applications

Lookin’ for information on a chemical, well there’s a database for that. Looking for barcode information, well there’s a database for that. Lookin’ for a local restaurant, … you get the point. There is a lot of useful published data available on the internet in a convenient format. And there are lot of potential applications […]


Startup Myth – First Come First Served for Domain Names

Frequently I encounter businesses seeking to protect a brand name. In discussing the actions taken to date taken, owners frequently state that they have registered the domain name corresponding to the desired brand name. Frequently, they believe that their name is “reserved” or protected because they have already successfully reserved the domain name. It is […]